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, | 30 Jan 2020

The spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus in China has increased at a rapid rate with more than 7,000 confirmed cases and 132 deaths. This comes as the amount infected nearly increases by ten-fold since our last reporting of the Coronavirus on 24 January 2020. 

The Chinese government announced on 23 January 2020, of a complete shutdown of travel in and out of Wuhan. However, before the shutdown occurred more than 5 million people had already been reported to have fled the district. 

Due to the latest developments of the coronavirus outbreak. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have released statements to all residents. In which they state that all “non-essential travel” to China should be avoided.

Public Statements by Insurers 

As a result of the recent announcements, several insurers have also released statements on their website. These announcements informs travellers of the cut off date for purchasing travel insurance to China. It also details when filing for claims for trip disruption will be valid where the Wuhan Virus is concerned.

Travellers can file a claim for Cancelling/Shortening/Postponing your trip or Trip Disruption, according to the policy conditions. For all the dates in the “before” category as seen below, the insurers will honour all travel related claims as per the policy agreements upon purchase.

If the travellers were to purchase policies and travel after the cut off dates (as seen in the “after” category) a claim submission for any illness or trip disruption relating to the Wuhan virus will be considered invalid.

Any claims that arise from the Wuhan virus after these dates will be invalid as the Wuhan virus is a known event.

Travel Claims to Mainland China 

PolicyPal has not received any public statements from: Etiqa, Ergo, HL Assurance, Aviva, Liberty Insurance, AIA and Tokio Marine.

*Information is correct as of 30 Jan 2020 12pm

If you purchased a travel policy from the insurers that have not made public statements. Do contact your insurer or agent directly regarding cut off dates and travel related queries. The cut off dates will vary from insurer to insurer.

Term/Life and Critical Illness Claims 

For all claims regarding Term/Life Insurance. Life insurance claims will be honoured if the insured passes away as a result of the virus.

The Coronoavirus is not a Critical Illness. However, claims for Critical Illness will be valid if the virus causes a Critical Illness.  To know more about what are the definitions of a Critical Illness you can read more about it here

If you require assistance or would like advice on Term and Whole Life Policies and Critical Illness Policies feel free to reach out to us at +65 3163 9184 or [email protected] 


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