Introducing our New Company Logo

| 06 Feb 2020

PolicyPal is a registered insurance broker in Singapore and we are proud to launch our new logo and rebranding look. Started in 2016, PolicyPal aims to address challenges faced by consumers when purchasing insurance. As insurtech evolves and grows with the adoption of new technology-driven innovations, we want to reflect these changing times. 

In 2017, PolicyPal graduated from the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s fintech regulatory sandbox. Our journey did not stop there, and we continued to increase our range of innovative solutions for our insurance partners and for our clients. 

Over the years, we have constantly improved our processes to provide a better experience for our clients. Our mission is to help people make the right choice for their protection needs and provide affordable financial products to them.

Drivers of Innovation and Technology

We aim to be the leading innovator in the insurtech space. This can be seen through our in-house Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This APIs allows us to provide our clients with policy quotations, coverage details and make purchases all within minutes. 

Through the years, our company has been on the minds of our clients for our range of general insurance policies such as –  travel, pet and motor insurance. 

As part of our rebrand, we are proud to announce that we have expanded our range of financial solutions. These financial solutions include life insurance policies such as – Term Life, Whole Life, Critical Illness, Retirement Planning and more. 

Our policy management system has also enabled our clients over the years. This tool has helped our clients to digitally file all their insurance policies. This complimentary value-added service is created to make insurance simple and easy to track. 

We are also proud to announce that we have launched a new complimentary value-added service. Our digital financial calculator is created to help our clients analyse and understand what coverage they need to achieve their financial goals. 

Our clients can input details of their dependents, their liabilities and their financial goals into the calculator. A financial report will then be immediately generated and sent to their emails.

This service is then supported by a team of PolicyPal representatives who will provide efficient and timely information on how our clients can fill in gaps in their coverage. 

Evolving to Serve Tomorrow’s Clients Today

PolicyPal has rebranded to a new look today as a result of months of consideration and understanding the needs of our future clients. 

Our new logo represents an infinity sign, as we believe we will be a lifelong insurance provider for our clients. The sharp edges represent the challenging cornerstone moments that our clients may face in their lifetime. This may be the financial difficulties they face with a new life stage, health concerns or a loved one’s passing. 

The placement of the “P” at the top right, indicates that through our clients lifetime and in death, PolicyPal will always be there to make sure their financial needs are protected.

Expanding our Range of Offerings

We are constantly looking to expand our offerings to our clients. Our new MarketPlace Rewards now includes Sephora and Grab Vouchers ready for redemption. 

We have also ramped up efforts to digitalise and onboard more life insurance products onto our platform. This is serviced by our expanding team of dedicated representatives.

We would like to thank all our loyal clients for their support. We look forward to sharing more updates on our upcoming developments soon.

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