Introducing Rewards Marketplace by PolicyPal

| 11 Feb 2019

Daily Morning Challenge? Checked it.

Cashback with every purchase? Bagged it.

Rewarded for every referral code used? Got it.

PolicyPal has implemented many features along the way to incentivise PolicyPal users to accumulate P$ credits.

Some features to jog your memory

  1. Morning Challenge: an in-app feature where users can check in between 5 to 10 in the morning and get rewarded in P$ credits ranging from P$0.01 to P$5.00 per claim.
  2. 5% Cashback: a guaranteed 5% cashback with every travel, motor or pet insurance purchase with PolicyPal.
  3. Give $5 Get $5: a referral programme where users receive P$5 every time referral code is applied for a new user purchase.

You’ve earned your $P credits, it’s now time for you to get rewarded!


Introducing Rewards Marketplace

Rewards Marketplace by PolicyPal is a rewards playground that gives you full access to all exclusive promotions and discounts from our merchants and partners. What can you do with your accumulated P$ credits?

Treat yourself to sweet deals such as F&B, automotive, beauty, leisure, fitness to pet care products and services from our list of merchants and partners.

Simply redeem a reward of your choice listed in our Rewards Marketplace, and voila! You can now view your redeemed rewards under ‘My Rewards’ section.

As Rewards Marketplace is only available on PolicyPal’s mobile app, registered PolicyPal users should download the PolicyPal app to enjoy the rewards! Download our app on App Store or Google Play and put your P$ credits to good use now!


About Our Merchants and Partners


Boxgreen promotes better snacking by delivering over 50 healthy snack options. All the ingredients are natural and free from artificial flavouring and colouring. A portion of the proceeds of every snack sold goes towards providing meals for the needy. Snack healthy with BoxGreen. Use P$3 credits to enjoy $10 off at BoxGreen today!


Y.H Detailing

Founded in 2014, Y.H.Detailing is constantly striving to provide professional detailing services to its consumers at affordable prices. What’s more? They provide detailing services at the location of your choice. Use P$12 to enjoy 10% off all regular-priced car detailing packages by Y.H Detailing!



Started by a group of car-loving friends, AutoTek is a car dealership and workshop that also provides grooming services. Sharing war stories on car ownership with each other, their mission is simple: owning a car should be a joy, not a chore. Use P$50 credits to enjoy an asian car servicing worth $88, or use P$78 credits to enjoy a continental car servicing worth $128 brought to you by AutoTek!


Reyna Makeup Artistry

Reyna Hearts Makeup Artistry is a Singapore-based professional makeup and hairstyling service provider. They specialise in natural radiant makeup that makes you glow on your special day. Use P$5 to look your best with 10% off bridal/dinner, makeup and hairstyling services by Reyna Makeup Artistry.


Centrum Leisure

Established in 1970, Centrum Leisure has built up a reputable name and unique heritage in the billiard and home leisure industry. They are the one-stop solution for all your billiards and gaming needs, setting industry standards for quality and modern designs. Use P$80 to enjoy 20% off game tables suitable for your home or commercial usage! Have all the fun with Centrum Leisure.


Play Beats Movement

A PlayBeats session would include movement awareness drills, movement exploration progressions and a bonus challenge! The sessions don’t just work up a sweat; it revives and nurtures your natural instincts to help you move better through life. Enjoy each workout session at only $20 (U.P. $25). Use your P$10 credits to enjoy a $25 off a bundle deal (5 sessions) and break a sweat with Play Beats Movement today!.


Easy Printz

Easy Printz provides only the finest quality printing services to schools and corporate companies. The one-stop printing service with the best service personnel that caters to anyone. Use P$10 to enjoy 10% off Easy Printz printing services!.



SmartPaw is Singapore’s leading smart pet products retailer that strives to bring in innovative and premium pet technology products in order to benefit your pets. They provide express free shipping to your doorstep for spendings more than $60! Use P$5 for 5% off SmartPaw products such as pet feeder, pet camera, toys and paw washer etc. for all dogs and cats!.


AXTRO Sports

AXTRO Sports was established in 2006, born out of the demand for fitness wearables and consumer electronics. They are one of the largest active lifestyle brand distributors in Singapore, providing you with the latest innovations to improve your lifestyles. Use P$25 to enjoy 5% off Actxa, Fitbit and Garmin products, or use P$50 to enjoy 10% off Tile, TrackR, Jabees and Nonda products brought to you by AXTRO Sports.


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