Our new Refer and Earn program now gives you more!

| 24 Feb 2020

Our mission is to help people make the right choice for their protection needs and provide affordable financial products to them. With over 20 insurers on our platform, we believe that we will be able to find a suitable financial product for you.

Our new Referral Program now gives you more! We have increased the amount you can earn with our new Refer and Earn Program. You can earn $10 for every successful referral.

You earn $10 for every referral

The program is simple. Just head to your profile page under the tab “Referral” to create your unique website link and share it with anyone. If you refer Claire, you will be able to receive $10 and Claire will receive $10! Claire can even earn an extra $50 in credits if she does an in-person portfolio review. 

The more you share the more you earn

After you refer 5 people, you will get $50. You can choose to keep it as P$ or you can cash out your money and receive $50 in cash. 

This program is for you to share the importance of financial planning and life insurance protection with your network! It is also a fast way to earn some money as the person you refer simply has to speak to us via phone call and you get $10.

All the money will be denoted as P$ and it can be converted to cash when you refer just 10 people. However, if you wish to keep the amount as P$ you can convert it for rewards on our Rewards Marketplace or use them to offset your general insurance purchases.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our new program: 

What happens to the current Referral Program?

The Star Ambassador Program will be replaced by the new Refer and Earn Program. 

Is this the same code used for the old Star Ambassador Program?

No, the code system will not be in place, it will be replaced by a website link. You may still use the same code to generate the link. Head over to https://www.policypal.com/referral/ to generate your unique website link today!

Will my previous P$ earned from purchasing policies be able to be converted to cash now?

No. P$ earned by purchasing policies will not be redeemable for cash. You will only be able to withdraw the amount earned from the Referral Programme after every 5 successful referrals. 

What defines a successful referral?

A successful referral is when the person you refer picks up a call from an appointed PolicyPal representative and verifies their information. Your P$10 reward will then be processed within 30 days after verification. 

You can read the Full FAQ on our FAQ page.

Refer and earn today! Find out more about our new Referral Program here: https://www.policypal.com/referral/

Become a PolicyPal Referrer today!



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