P$ Credits: Make The Most Out of Your PolicyPal Rebates!

| 08 Aug 2019

What is PolicyPal, and what is the value of P$-credits?

You may have known us long ago as the first startup to graduate from the MAS FinTech Regulatory Sandbox programme. You may also know us through the word-of-mouth as the “Skyscanner of travel insurance”, comparing the most competitive prices and coverage across a wide range of insurers.

If you didn’t know us then, you should probably know us now as the digital broker to offer the first-ever endowment plan made available on a mobile app.

The endowment plan we offer in partnership with Singapore Life has been the most unique product we have to offer. It’s EPIC – proven by the users’ interest in this plan that has shot through the roof!


What’s so special about this endowment plan?

Besides the 2.38% guaranteed returns per annum for a 5-year term plan, or 2.25% guaranteed returns per annum for a 3-year term plan, policyholders get an extra 1.54% rebate from PolicyPal. 

That means, of a S$5,000 fixed single premium, policyholders enjoy P$77 credits as a rebate!

A cheat sheet on what you can do with the P$ credits

Bought our PolicyPal x Singapore Life Endowment plan and received 1.54% rebate in P$ credits, but not sure what you can do with the rebate? Fret not, here’s a guide on the many wonders your P$ credits rebate can bring you!

1. Free one-month travel insurance to Japan (Essential coverage)

Offset your travel insurance! With P$77 credits, be assured while travelling and enjoy an essential coverage to Japan for a whole month! That’s $77 in cash you can save for your Japanese sashimi and seafood platter! The P$ credits will cover your travel insurance so you can SPEND on your well-deserved meals instead.

2. Free one-month travel insurance to Europe (Basic coverage)

Planning to visit Europe soon for your dream holiday, but worried about potential pickpockets or flight delays that could disrupt your trip? Worry no more, as you can enjoy basic coverage in Europe for a month with P$77 credits. Sit back and relax, let us take care of your travel insurance for you so you can travel safe (and happy).

3. Save more than 50% off on your car insurance   

Yet to purchase car insurance to protect your family car? Or looking to renew your almost-expiring car insurance? Offset almost half of your car insurance costs with P$ credits! 

Take for example you invest S$50,000 in our endowment plan. You receive a 1.54% rebate in return, equivalent to P$770. That’s enough to cover more than half of your car insurance.

Besides, we offer personalised customer service to compare the most competitive pricing and coverage for you, so you don’t have to. Some of our insurers include FWD insurance, Sompo, NTUC Income, MSIG and many more.

4. Complimentary car servicing (worth up to $128) 

Enjoy a complimentary car servicing by redeeming the reward from our Rewards Marketplace for zero costs! We offer many other discounted deals and rewards ranging from car servicing, pet care supplies, to health and fitness products.

Be it an endowment plan or a travel insurance policy, there are many ways to earn P$ credits. Want to earn more P$ credits and make a pocket full of cashback? Read here.

Now that we have gone through some of the wonders of the P$ credits, we hope that you are just as excited as we are to put your credits to good use! Download our app now to unlock your P$ credits and discover plans.


National Day Promotion Extended

Due to the overwhelming response of our endowment plan, we will extend the additional 1.54% rebate to 54 more purchases! 54 more spots are up for grabs on a first-come, first-served basis – so hurry now and don’t miss out on your chance to upsize your savings and earn more rebate!

Have any burning questions about insurance or looking for some useful insurance tips? Learn, ask and share with PolicyPal Insurance Community today!


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