4 Types of Singaporean drivers we love to hate

4 Types of Singaporean drivers we love to hate

Anyone who has ever driven on Singapore roads will be sure to have encountered at least one of the below four types of drivers. Maybe we should start fining people for bad road etiquette or have them pay more road taxes! Just this morning, I was driving straight and someone from my right beat the red lights and we nearly collided head on. In that moment, I felt my life flash right before my eyes. Thankfully, here I am, still alive and well enough to present to you my rant of terrible road users I have encountered in my 2 short years of driving.


The handphone user:


I have seen people play GAMES while driving. Someone posted an Instagram video of their friend playing Cooking Mama while driving. Some others posted themselves singing and making commentary on Snapchat while driving. They think this is funny and cool but you’re putting you and other drivers in grave danger when you don’t give your full attention to the road!

Snapchat should seriously consider removing the speed tag function from their app so that users of the app can no longer show off how fast they are going.

The impatient one:

The red light just turned green half a millisecond ago, and the driver behind you is incessantly abusing their horn. While queuing in a line to make a turn, the driver horns at you even before you can move forward. I’m sure many of us Singaporeans (myself included) are guilty of being extremely impatient, whether on the road or not.

Perhaps we should consider installing a system where the horn is as loud to us as to the person the horn was directed at. A possibly good contraption to help us foster some patience.

The selfish one:

He/she obviously knows you’re about to filter into his lane to make a turn or exit the expressway. Don’t bother trying to inch your way in; the more you try, the more he will aggressively not let you do so!

There should be a way to mark such drivers so that no one will give way to them when they’re in a similar situation. You know what they say, do unto others as you would have done unto you.

The reckless one:

This doesn’t just apply to speeding Lamborghini drivers and the likes; this applies to the driver that nearly killed me this morning. I’m sure I am not the only one who has been in such an unfortunate situation. Not sure where they are rushing off to, but that situation better be an emergency. Then again, even if it was an emergency, crashing into other drivers would create another emergency for you.

Please, obey the road rules and don’t speed no matter what the circumstance is.

We might all be guilty of being one of these 4 types of drivers. Some situations are simply annoying, but others are dangerous. To protect against road risk, motor insurance is compulsory in Singapore. Purchase your motor insurance from PolicyPal now and get 5% cashback!


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