Are you taking your health seriously?

Are you taking your health seriously?

In Singapore, 1 in 3 of us have been diagnosed with cancer over the past 4 years. On average, approximately 37 Singaporean are diagnosed with cancer every day. There are over 64,000 cases of cancer occurrences from 2011 to 2015.  The risk increases if you have relatives which have been previously diagnosed.

Why should you take up a Critical Illness policy?

Cancer treatments usually accumulate to a large sum of money.  Where treatment may cost up to a whopping $1000 every session. This may take a toll of our hard earned savings.

With a critical illness plan, a lump sum amount will be paid out and can use that to pay for any diagnostics and treatment cost that is not part of hospitalisation plans (which only covers for your hospitalisation bills and not treatment).

Some might not be able to work and needs to recuperate at home. This lump sum pay-out can be used supplement for the loss of income one may experience. With this sum of money, it can cover everyday expenses and one can recover with a peace of mind without having to worry for

$0 payout is the best payout

An critical illness policy is not an investment. While some might say that a critical illness policy might not be worth it because of the higher premium rate and the low chance of a pay-out. However, remember that not receiving pay-out means that you are in the pink of health and that is a blessing.

Both higher standard of medical treatment available and the higher living standards has made us able to live longer. The risk of being diagnosed with a Critical Illness increases with a longer lifespan. Therefore, CI plans like mEase from Manulife one can stay ready and protected should a misfortunate.

What does a Critical Illness Policy include?

For more info on all 37 critical illness covered click here.

Here’s an estimated premium for a coverage pay out of $50,000 for individuals at 30 years old.

Be ready, protect your health. For more information, click here, fill up a form and a Manulife representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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