Maid Insurance Made Simple

Maid Insurance Made Simple

Did you know that in Singapore:

  1. On average, 1 in 5 households employ a full-time maid.
  2. By law, each maid has to be provided with basic insurance.
  3. The number of maids employed increased from 5000 in 1970 to 227,000 in 2017.


What do I need to know about Maid Insurance?

The Ministry of Manpower requires that maid insurance includes the following:

  • Minimum $60,000 sum assured for personal accident
  • Minimum $15,000 medical insurance coverage
  • Minimum $5,000 security bond


If the maid is hired with the help of an agency, then the agency usually arranges an insurance policy. However, it is the employer’s responsibility that maid insurance is in place. In addition, employers are able to choose which insurance policy fits them best, provided that the requirements from the Ministry of Manpower are met. Most maid insurance policies cover losses – financial and otherwise – sustained by the employer because of unforeseen circumstances. For example, plans may include coverage for repatriation expenses, theft, replacement expenses, and many more riders. A requirement by MOM is also that the insurance policy continues until two months after the Maid’s work period in Singapore has expired.


In addition to purchasing maid insurance, the employer must provide a letter of guarantee to the Ministry of Manpower, ensuring that no rules or regulations will be broken during the employment period. A five thousand dollar deposition, called a security bond, must be made as well, which will be returned at the end of the employment period. Most insurance policies offer to pay for the deposition, as long as the full amount is returned. The more comprehensive insurance policies also offer protection for the employer by only requiring an extra sum of 250 dollars from the employer should the deposit not be returned. In some cases, a letter of guarantee, along with a deposit, must also be submitted to the Embassy of the Philippines. Some insurance plans offer a similar service for this case so that the employer does not need to pay the deposit.


How do I buy maid insurance?

Before choosing maid insurance, make sure that you have decided on what is important. Do you want the cheapest plan, which only covers the requirements? Do you want to have increase medical coverage? Is theft not a worry for you? Once you’ve figured out what you want, simple tools exist for comparing and choosing the most suitable policy. Most important is that you know what you’re paying for!

There are several insurance companies which offer Maid Insurance. If we look at the most basic plans for the major insurance companies in Singapore which offer Maid Insurance, we can compare which coverage each plan offers.

Maid Insurance

There are a few major distinguishing factors between the insurance policies, which are good to know!

  • Etiqa: Recuperation Expenses included in basic policy plan, allowing the Maid to rehabilitate after a major hospital visit. You will be reimbursed for money lost during this time, and potential need to hire a temporary replacement maid. Etiqa’s basic plan is the cheapest one available when all maid insurance plans are compared.
  • Sompo: With this maid insurance policy, there is no waiting period. The coverages, according to the policy, take force as soon as the Maid has cleared Immigration of Singapore. In addition, this policy offers a lump sum to the maid upon diagnosis of the 6 dreadful diseases: Cancer, Stroke, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, and major organ/bone marrow transplant.
  • Income: This policy offers hassle free renewal and delivery of your maid’s insurance and work permit paperwork. Income will handle all the paperwork and courier the necessary documents back to your doorstep. Observe that this feature is only included if the plan purchased is not the most basic plan.
  • FWD: If you cancel the policy within 3 months of its start date, FWD will fully reimburse you. This policy also offers coverage for care of victims should the maid physically abuse your child or an elderly.


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