International women’s day special 2: 4 types of Singaporean female travelers

International women’s day special 2: 4 types of Singaporean female travelers

As we all know, its international women’s day today! We hope you feel inspired by our previous post on 3 inspiring ladies!

Women across the world now travel independently, a far cry from the early days where we had to be chaperoned. This is the second post commemorating women’s independence and we thought we would have a little fun:) Here, we gathered 4 different stereotypes of Singaporean female travelers. You’ll probably identify with one or two of them (if you’re female) or it’ll remind you of someone you know!

1. The Super planner:

  • You research and plan everything, from which attractions to visit to which kinds of foods to bring to make sure everyone is well fed. (Your exact itinerary is probably written on a spread sheet with exact timings for each activity).
  • You book the flights for everyone, and early (like one-year prior kind of early) and you make sure everyone has their documents in place before the trip.
  • You probably end up always being the one driving the whole group because let’s be honest, no one can beat your expertise in Google maps.
  • You’ll nag everyone to wake super early at like 5 in the morning, so your carefully planned itinerary is not messed up!! But you’ll also cook them breakfast.
  • You’re almost most definitely the mother figure of the group.

2. The Bargain Lover:

  • You can haggle a t-shirt from the Bangkok Chatuchak Market (Or any market in the world) from 3000 thai baht to 300 within 3 mins.
  • You buy your flight tickets from bargain sites like Fave/GroupOn, but you still frantically search to see if any promo codes apply to make it even cheaper.
  • You would cook instead of eating out on the trip, even if you might have questionable cooking skills.
  • You love visiting all the parks and beaches over paid attractions, mainly because they’re free.
  • Everyone calls you aunty but they love having you around because you help them save so much money.


3. The Glamorous Instagrammer:

  • You hate to admit it, but you have travelled to a country only because you thought it would look good to post on Instagram before.
  • You take 500 pictures at every new attraction but you only upload one- the perfect one.
  • You have a whole team of people (aka your patient friends) taking pictures for you, from all the different angles possible.
  • You spend at least 2 hours at each attraction, but for the most part its looking to see if the picture you took is nice enough.
  • Your Instagram photos are so professional and surreal, it looks like it was from a postcard.
  • You have more than 100 likes each post.
  • You could probably make a career out of your beautiful Instagram posts.


4. The Adventurous one:

  • You have no qualms doing anything slightly dangerous. Sky diving, cliff diving, scuba diving, you’re game for them all.
  • You will eat anything and everything- from fried tarantulas to snake soup.
  • Your mother prays that you come back alive whenever you tell her you’re off to another trip.
  • You don’t plan for your trips and you don’t mind going on those trips where you find out where you’re going only at the airport.
  • You’re always the most fun and spontaneous in the group.

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