How PolicyPal Can Help Your Business with Insurance

PolicyPal Business Insurance

From startups and SMEs to MNCs and global enterprises, need Business insurance.

Business insurance protects a company during unforeseen events. Not only that, but Employee Benefits is essential to motivate their talents.

Regardless of the scale of operation, a typical business insurance plan should include the basics. Entrepreneurs also shared additional insights on the types of insurance business should have.

The type of insurance a company requires is based on its evaluation of risks, which depends on the industry the business is operating in. Business insurance is not only a legal requirement; ultimately, it protects you and your company. That includes protection for your employees, suppliers and customers.

PolicyPal Business: Tailored for Companies on a Single Platform

Business Insurance


PolicyPal Business offers a range of coverage tailored to suit your company profile. Our dedicated Account Managers will assist business clients with preliminary consultation clinics. After which, we customise the types of protection the business requires. What we currently offer:

  1. Employee Benefits (NEW)
  2. Cyber Risk Insurance
  3. Directors & Officers Insurance
  4. Professional Indemnity Insurance
  5. Public Liability
  6. Work Injury Compensation

Benefits of PolicyPal Business

So what are the benefits of PolicyPal Business?

Business Insurance Singapore


Cyber Risk Insurance

A must-have to protect client information and database against cyber attacks. While Singapore becomes a Smart Nation and a global financial hub, we are still susceptible to cyber attacks. This is seen in the recent SingHealth cyber attack that happened in July 2018, where around 1.5 million patients had their personal information compromised as a result of a cyber attack. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Sometimes, if a third-party suffers from a loss after heeding the advice shared by a professional, it is possible that they may choose to sue. How can a professional protect himself or herself from what seems to be a placid piece of advice? With this insurance, one can safeguard the reputation of their practice and assets. 

Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Employers are required by law to get protection for all employees. This covers employees who are involved in manual labour, on top of the employees who are involved in non-manual work or/and earn $1,600 or less a month. If an employer fails to provide adequate protection, he is considered to have committed an offence. How serious is it? The offence carries a fine of up to $10,000 or jail of up to 12 months. Think twice before you skip out on buying the work injury compensation for your employees.

Even so, employers do not need to purchase this insurance for employees who are not involved in manual labour or are taking home a salary of more than $1,600.

Introducing PolicyPal Business

PolicyPal Business offers competitive prices and customisable plans, as well as a team of dedicated Account Managers to oversee your business insurance plans. Moreover, what we do includes business clinics and consultations to pinpoint vulnerable, unprotected areas of your business.

All in all, a business can buy, manage, and claim all on a single platform. We know the nature of insurance is tedious and it also consumes a lot of time. We also know that time is money, and many a time, business owners would rather have someone else to manage their insurance policies. As such, here is a solution for all business owners. Our one-stop insurance solution will help companies manage insurance. Furthermore, businesses can manage their insurance 24/7 via our app.

Are you a business owner or a decision-maker? Connect with us through WhatsApp at +65 8750 0688 to understand more about PolicyPal Business.


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