What’s Next For Nas Daily After He Moves To Singapore?

| 05 Apr 2019


Nas Daily, here’s our proposal.

By now, Nas Daily moving to Singapore should be household news. The Palestinian-Israeli online sensation made waves for lauding our nation as an ‘almost perfect’ country. Since the debut of ‘Why I Hate Singapore’, Nas Daily would soon announce his permanent relocation 7 months later.

Living up to the true ‘kampong spirit’, many companies were eager to ease the vlogger’s relocation experience. Singapore-based startup Moovaz was quick to offer help – for free!

Nas Daily, We Will Move You And Your Team To Singapore… FOR FREEE!

Hey Nas Daily, we heard you're moving to Singapore and we're stoked! We're well aware that relocation can be a real hassle so our guys here at Moovaz – Tech-Driven Relocation are happy to move you and team, Dear Alyne, Project Nightfall and Franco Dubini to Singapore… FOR FREE! https://www.moovaz.com/2019/03/26/move-nas-singapore#moovnas2sg #nasdaily #singapore #welcometosingapore #dearalyne #projectnightfall

Posted by Moovaz – Tech-Driven Relocation on Monday, 25 March 2019

Moovaz is an all-encompassing relocation service for the digital natives in the globalised world. Their all-in-one digital platform seeks to revolutionise the industry through smart technology and a global network of more than 2,000 certified partners. Moovaz sees through to all relocation matters and delivers service excellence. Lucky Nas!

So What’s Next For Nas Daily?

So what happens after the successful relocation? Like all foreigners, the seemingly sky-high costs of moving maybe daunting. 


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There are many ways to reduce costs – but we’ll delve into that later. Here’s a breakdown of the costs of living that a foreigner like Nas Daily will have to bear. If there’s one key thing missing in this chart, that’s Employee Benefits.

Employee Benefits Are Important Too

Like Nas Daily, foreigners setting up business in Singapore will need business insurance. Some Employee Benefits include the expenses of GP clinics, outpatient specialist treatments and dental visits.

Besides, it’s tough to settle down in a foreign land while bridging the cultural gap. Imagine the terror of not having a context of how things work in Singapore, and also facing challenges as a startup founder

Here’s a one-stop solution that is time-saving, easy-to-use and affordable!

Our 100% Online Solution

Purchase Employee Benefits on our 100% online platform in three straight-through steps: select a base plan, select add-ons, and proceed to purchase. Upon payment confirmation, employees will receive immediate coverage after checkout.

Now, that’s checking another thing off the to-dos’ within a matter of a few minutes!

How Much Do Employee Benefits Cost?

Get hands-on and play with the figures on PolicyPal Business to determine your estimated costs for Employee Benefits. The online platform automatically tabulates the total costs of Employee Benefits. The prices depend on the number of headcount, the types of hospitals and wards, as well as the types of add-ons.

Give it a try! Simply visit PolicyPal Business, enter your company email address, click on ‘Get Quote’ and customise the best plan based on your business profile. 

Before we forget, welcome to Singapore again, Nas!


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