A Daredevil’s Guide To Travel Insurance

| 26 Oct 2018

There are sports, and there are extreme sports. The daredevil in everyone calls for the latter.

Although the distinction between the two can sometimes be a bit blurry, insurance companies demarcate a very clear distinction between the two. How does this affect the daredevil in you?

Extreme sports are classified according to the risk statistics they represent. For many, the charm in extreme sports is the adrenaline kick associated with putting one’s life on the line; however, insurance companies will not take responsibility for compensation. Big risk to you means big risk for your insurer as well.

Nonetheless, you should be able to live out your dreams and do the things which make you happy! And this is why we have compiled a guide to how a daredevil goes about finding insurance solutions.

As a large number of extreme activities are conducted while abroad, obtaining adequate travel insurance will be the focus here. Of course, having life, health, and personal accident insurance to fit a daredevil’s lifestyle is also very important!

Our biggest tip: to be honest about your hobbies when obtaining insurance, even if the end result is higher premiums. In the case that something would happen while you are extreme sporting, your insurance policy will not be valid if you have been dishonest.


How does a daredevil get travel insurance?

If you are an avid pursuer of extreme sports, it would be very likely that you will, at some point, travel in order to pursue this sport. When you do so, your regular health and life insurance may not provide coverage as you are abroad. In addition, not all travel insurance policies are equipped to cover extreme sporting related scenarios. Below you can find a table of the ones which do!.


Travel Insurance Plan

Death or Injury which may be sustained resulting from engaging in or practising for:


Travel Insurance for the adventurous


Before buying travel insurance, make sure that the activities you’ll be taking part in are covered! Buy your insurance policy with PolicyPal today and get 5% Cashback, which can be used towards future purchases.

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