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Best Term Life Plans in Singapore

What is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is an insurance product that insures you for a period of time or until a certain age. It provides coverage against death and there will be a payout in the event of the policyholder’s death/total and permanent disability/terminal illness diagnoses. 

What do you have to consider before buying a Term Life Insurance Plan?

Fixed-term coverage

Term life insurance is term insurance that provides insurance coverage only for a fixed period of time. You will be covered up to the term (years) of your policy. In the event of death or total permanent disablement, the death benefit coverage amount will be paid out.

Short-term coverage

They’re also flexible enough to be used as a short-term solution. This means that you can add them to your existing policies if you feel your coverage is insufficient.

Affordable Life Insurance

As Term Life insurance provides only pure protection, they are the simplest type of life plans and usually also the most affordable.

Simple coverage terms

Term Life policies are really straightforward: as long as you pay your premiums, you’re covered. You will be covered for Death and Total and Permanent Disability. If you are thinking about how much coverage you require, Life Insurance Association Singapore suggests coverage of 11 times your annual earnings is the most optimal. 

Add-on benefits

Optional riders can be attached to a Term Life Insurance to enhance the benefits provided. Such riders are typically cheap and include useful benefits such as Critical Illness coverage.

Comparison Of Term Life And Whole Life

Which Life Insurance Plans covers COVID-19?

Best Affordable Term Life plans from $100,000 coverage: 

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Best Term Life Plan with the longest term available 

Best Term Life plans that have the option for single premium payment

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Case Study Illustrations:

For Tokio Marine Term Assure (II), it is suited for 

  • Individuals who are looking for a term life coverage with the flexibility to adjust their coverage in line with their changing needs

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