Free $100,000 life insurance coverage for healthcare personnel fighting to keep us safe

, | 13 Feb 2020

There have been more confirmed cases of the coronavirus now named the COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation. Singapore has had a total of 50 reported cases as of writing. Many of the new patients have no known links to the virus. 

President Madam Halimah Yacob wrote in a Facebook post today (13 February) “it is really painful to read and hear about how our frontline healthcare workers are treated”. 

This sentiment has been echoed by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, in which he says that during the SARS epidemic many healthcare workers were being actively avoided by the mass public. 

Some people in the healthcare sector have also started to experience many people that distancing themselves from them when they are on public transport or drivers would be hesitant to fetch them in private-hire cars. 

Term Life Coverage for Healthcare Professionals

Here at PolicyPal, we would like to honor all the Healthcare Personnel working around the clock to protect and serve everyone that they care for.

Therefore, we will be providing free $100,000 term life insurance coverage for the first year to all healthcare workers at the frontlines. 

PolicyPal will offer the first year premium for the iTerm Life Insurance by NTUC Income. This affordable and comprehensive coverage will help to protect you against death, terminal illness and permanent disability. You can read more about this plan here.

To qualify for this promotion, the Healthcare Personnel can simply flash their staff identification card to our representative. This offer is available to all Healthcare Personnel from the age of 20 – 45. This is also limited to the first 100 eligible participants.

President Halimah Yacob also closed her statement to encourage unity with our healthcare workers, “Let’s do it the Singaporean way. Stand united against this virus which includes supporting our front line health workers and all other workers doing front line work because they keep us safe, connected and comfortable.”

Being in the frontline is a challenging task, therefore we want to protect your finances as you protect our health and safety. We believe that together we would be able to support each other through this crisis. 

Terms and Conditions apply.

Free $100,000 term life insurance coverage for all healthcare personnel


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