This PolicyPal Group Buy Feature Makes You A Sai Kang Warrior No More

| 18 Jun 2019


With PolicyPal’s Share-to-Fill Group Buy Feature, You No Longer Need To Be

If you have been designated as the “travel organiser” or otherwise referred to as the sai kang warrior, you would love the newest Share-to-Fill Group Buy feature. Chances are, you have created an excel sheet, or a Whatsapp group, or worse still – both. You spent a shockingly substantial amount of time collating personal information of your friends corresponding to the required fields required for the travel insurance. 

“Can send me your travel details please?” You put down your request within your group. Instead of filling up their information accurately and on time, you only to return the next day with crushing disappointment. There was no response from your friends – and some even shared the wrong information. Who is bearing the brunt of the problem? You.

Introducing Our New Share-to-Fill Group Buy Feature

Don’t sweat the small stuff! We simplify your job as the “travel organiser” with a template created for you. You only need to input your friend’s email to share the page link with them. Alternatively, just copy the page link and share with them! More importantly, you can share it anytime with as many people within your travel group. This is particularly useful if you are buying in bulk for your company or your entire kampong village. No muss, no fuss!

You No Longer Need To Key In Their Details

At PolicyPal, we are huuuuge advocates of making insurance easier. We understand that there is a tendency to transfer the wrong information to the insurance website. It may be as simple as misspelling your friend’s name. Terence? Terance? Terrence? Terrance? It doesn’t matter what rence/rance, you have our assurance. Let us consolidate the information for you and save you the trouble.

You No Longer Need To Remind Your Friends To Fill In Their Details

Chasing your friends down like an ad-hoc loan shark can be frustrating. Our new Share-to-Fill Group Buy feature sends out timely reminders to friends who have yet to input their travel details. When you share the URL link, you may set the link to be valid anytime between 1 hour to 5 days. Nearing the expiry, your friends would receive an email reminder for their personal details. 

You No Longer Need To Do Double The Work

The cherry on the cake is as the creator, you can add as many members to the list as you want. This is perfect for last-minute additional travellers join the group on the trip. Like killing two birds with a stone, this feature is the holy grail for smart travellers who are efficient with their planning. Group travel insurance purchases shouldn’t be difficult. We’re here to offer you solutions that will make your travel plans easier!

You No Longer Need To Worry About Safekeeping Details

Secrets are no fun. The issue with the usual way of buying group insurance? Personal details shared in group chats are visible to everyone! We have seen a recurrent emphasis on the importance of privacy and ownership one should have over his or her personal details. So why not act on it?

The new Share-to-Fill Group Buy feature allows only the creator to view all personal information. There will be no paranoia about the privacy of personal details being leaked or abused. Safety will not be compromised. Aside from the creator, no other unauthorised person will have access to personal information. Did we also mention that PolicyPal is the first insurance broker platform to introduce the Share-to-Fill function?  😉

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