Keep your family safe with COVID-19 coverage

Health is now the number one concern ever since the COVID-19 outbreak took place. The number of confirmed cases continues to skyrocket and the situation has caused the Singapore government to take more drastic measures to contain it. 

This may also impact people that we know and hence we have to adapt to how this situation has affected us mentally and physically. 

As the breadwinner of your family, being diagnosed with COVID-19 does not only have severe health implications for those around you. It also impacts your ability to work and generate income to support your family. 

One of our insurance partners, Income has recently enhanced its insurance coverage to cover the COVID-19 virus. This additional COVID-19 coverage is also provided at no extra cost to clients that already have the Personal Accident plans with the infectious disease rider. If you currently have the Personal Accident Assurance with Infectious Disease rider or the Personal Accident Infectious Disease policy you will be eligible for the added benefits. 

Why Income Personal Accident Assurance?

Extended COVID-19 coverage 

In light of the pandemic, Income has extended its COVID-19 coverage until 31 August 2020. 

  • This includes a payout of $100 per day of hospitalisation for up to 30 days. 
  • If the insured gets diagnosed with COVID-19 and passes away, there will be a payout of $10,000.
  • There is also $5,000 trauma counselling benefit if you get diagnosed.

A wide range of costs covered

We understand that contracting an infectious disease can bring about many financial burdens. Besides medical expenses, miscellaneous expenses such as ambulance fees and hospital fees can be cumbersome to the affected. Thankfully, the Personal Accident Assurance plan’s versatile coverage will take your worries off staggering medical bills.

Varying plans 

Depending on your age, occupation, health and your coverage needs, you can choose your coverage levels from $100,000 to $1,000,000. 

  • Starting from 59 cents per day to get covered. 
  • $217 per year with the infectious disease coverage

If you need more assistance with your financial planning and savings, you can reach out to us here: [email protected]. You can also WhatsApp us at +65 8750 0688 to arrange for a teleconsulting call to know more about what plan is the most suitable for you.

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