Swipe Right on Singapore’s First On-The-Go Personal Accident Protection!

Insurance, but not the way you know it. Here’s what you know about insurance: arranging physical meetings with your insurance agent, going through policy wordings, signing pages of a contract, and waiting for at least 3 working days for your policy to be incepted. It’s a hassle – and we know it. 

Look around and see the difference in the way you consume things. Mobile plan subscription? No thanks, we’ll stick to no-contract. Awkward matchmaking session? Hell no, we’ll swipe right to find love. Hungry? we’ll wait for our driver to deliver food to the doorstep.

Certainly, you have the power to dictate what you want when you want, and how you want it. 


No agent, no commission – only pay-as-you-go coverage.


Steps to activate free personal accident coverage on the go!

  1. Download and update the PolicyPal app here.
  2. Sign up for an account. Remember to fill up all your information!
  3. Swipe to activate one-day personal accident coverage.

“I already have personal accident insurance. Why should I still get this?”

This product allows you to double up on your personal accident coverage. In the face of an unfortunate event, the on-the-go personal accident plan cushions the financial impact you and your family members have to bear.

Furthermore, what’s there to lose for such a straightforward procedure and free first-time coverage? Think you know all about insurance? Not until you try it out for yourself. 

Before you go, boost up your protection to beat the haze

The air pollution in 2019 measures the worst in three consecutive years as PSI levels exceed 100 and enter the ‘unhealthy’ range for the first time. The recurring haze issue due to Indonesia’s slash-and-burn fires caused 100,000 early deaths in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, as reported by The Straits Times.

Aside from staying indoors and wearing N95 masks, you can boost up on extra precaution with free personal accident coverage. Download the PolicyPal app now, and activate your coverage with one swipe and simple personal details. And you’re ready to go!


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