I Got a Personal Accident Insurance That Expired in 24 Hours

I’m not a big believer in insurance. Neither do I feel that there’s a need to get coverage for more than what I need. I politely shrug off my insurance agent friends when they try to sell me a product with “I just need the basic stuff, man.” 

And by “basic”, what I really (and only) have is PRUShield by Prudential for medical and hospitalisation needs. Personally, I don’t need life insurance at this stage as a university undergraduate, I don’t have a dependent. 

Personal accident insurance has never been emphasised. Well, I guess my insurance agent friends, too, only want to sell me products of higher premiums. 


Stopped me in my tracks

“No, I’m really not interested.” These kids in PolicyPal t-shirts handed me a flyer as I emerged from Boon Lay MRT, as I was just about to get back to my hall in NTU. I took it anyway, although I rejected their plea to download their app. 

I was plugged into my headphones, and I had nothing better to do, really. Skimmed through the flyer handed to me earlier – and my indifference was caught off-guard. 


“Swipe Right For Free Protection”

I don’t recall getting insurance coverage is that easy. Intrigued to test out the feature, I downloaded the PolicyPal app with my unlimited data (thanks, Circles Life). I was done downloading as soon as my bus 179 arrived. How timely. 

I signed up for an account using my Facebook log-in. Hello, Shaun. And there I saw the On-Demand Personal Accident. I proceeded to swipe right, entered my details and hit the ‘Activate’ button. 

Just like that, I was covered for 24 hours. What’s more astonishing is that I completed the entire purchase process during a single bus ride. I was also able to monitor the time left on my coverage with a real-time countdown timer on the PolicyPal app. It’s pretty neat.

Nothing happened to me during the 24 hours, thanks for asking. I didn’t get into an accident, nor did I die (if not I won’t be able to write this). But it was definitely a different feeling. Knowing that I had the financial immunity of S$50,000 coverage for 24-hours. 


It costs $6 for subsequent activations. Would I turn it on again? 

While not on a regular basis – I certainly would if I am partaking in activities that involve risks. Nonetheless, I’d strongly urge new users to activate the personal accident plan for free. 

This feature definitely changed my perception of personal accident insurance, thanks PolicyPal for giving me this chance to contribute. 

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