PolicyPal x Singapore Life Endowment: 2.25% Guaranteed Returns p.a.

, | 07 Oct 2019

Higher interest rates on your money often come tagged with a large sum of capital, multiple requirements or a really long maturity period. With the new PolicyPal x Singapore Life Endowment plan, savings just got a whole lot easier. Simply download the PolicyPal app and upsize your savings! With a $5,000 single-premium payment, get 2.25% p.a. guaranteed returns per annum. In addition, you also get P$15 rebates for every $5000 in premium purchased. 

Did we also mention that this is the FIRST-EVER endowment plan to be purchased on a mobile app? Buy and manage your plans on a single platform easily. The PolicyPal mobile app helps you save time, enjoy greater convenience and ease of purchase.

Read here for Product Summary and General Provisions (PDF).

Low Risks, Best Rebates

Compare PolicyPal x Singapore Life Endowment Plan with 2 other plans offered in the market.

Let’s see how $10,000 can do for you in 3 scenarios.

$10,000 with Insurer C

You get back $10,892.40 in savings after 4 years.

$10,000 with Bank D

You get back $10,680.90 in savings after 3 years. This is however not guaranteed, as the potential maturity bonus can be zero based on a lower investment rate of return of 1.39% p.a.

$10,000 with PolicyPal

In 3 years, you get back $10,690.30 in savings. Guaranteed returns!

Why Should You Get An Endowment Plan?

Online resources can be overwhelming. While you peruse comparison sources weighing the pros and cons between endowment plans and many other types of investments, here are 4 reasons why an endowment plan is beneficial for everyone across all stages of life.


Younger people may consider investing in endowment plans with a longer term, while short-term endowment plans are still popular among people of age with extra savings to spare. An endowment plan like what PolicyPal offers which guarantees a 2.25% return after 3 years with a single premium of S$5,000 is perfect for those who are looking for low-risk investments.

Forced Savings

Do you lack the discipline to track your spendings or always finding yourself in situations where you overspend? Endowment plans are also considered as “forced savings” where they are required to make regular payments to save up for themselves.

Luckily for the PolicyPal x Singapore Life endowment plan, the fixed single-premium of S$5,000 is a one-time-only contribution, an amount which most Singaporeans are able to afford.

Investment Purposes

You know how your insurance agents always recommend you to “diversify your investments”? They are absolutely right – that way you can earn the maximum returns with the shortest risks. Ideally, your portfolio requires a mix of high-risk investments. 

Besides endowment plans, Singaporeans also consider fixed deposits and Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) as suitable investments to grow their money. 

Children’s Education Fund

Singapore is the 20th most expensive country in the world. Consequently, the price tag of raising kids can intimidate young parents. You may need at least S$670,000 to support your child till graduation

This number shouldn’t stump young parents starting to set up a family. Instead, being conscious of the long-term costs encourages early planning. As the concept of ‘forced savings”, endowment plans offer the predictability by allowing families to plan ahead of their child/children’s tertiary education.

Want to Find Out More?

Should you require assistance, email us at [email protected]! Feel free to share this golden nugget with your friends and family members and download PolicyPal app

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