Should Detective Pikachu Get Pet Insurance?

“Pikachu can say something else other than its own name!?”, was my first reaction when I chanced upon the trailer of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

Even though some of us are unfamiliar with the intricate details of the Pokémon world, I am sure we know bits and pieces through cultural osmosis. Pokémons are brightly coloured elemental creatures that can appear in many forms, each possessing specific powers. A flame-tailed Charmander can breathe fire and a Pikachu can zap out electrical shockwaves.

With the movie set in a world where humans coexist with more than 800 species of Pokémon companions, we are keen to explore the question – Should Detective Pikachu get pet insurance? We’ve all heard of pet insurance which helps to cover some costs of medical care, especially in times when emergencies or illnesses strike. But did you know that many pawrents do not value the importance of pet insurance? Some may perceive insurance for an average pet as costly, but what if your pet isn’t average? What would you do, if your pet is a shiny Detective Pikachu?

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The Crux of All Pet Insurance

The biggest fear of all pet owners is our beloved pet falling ill. Even though it is a priority to maintain the high health standards for our pets, it is also essential to note the rising costs of pet healthcare. Hence, more pet owners are turning to pet insurance to help offset any costs resulting from unexpected injuries and illnesses.

Pet insurance assists pet owners to pay for exorbitant and unexpected veterinary costs. It covers the bills when you visit the vet to treat illnesses, like cancer or respiratory problems.

Furthermore, the coverage also includes accidents, such as getting hit by a car or otherwise getting injured. If your pet gets a little too enthusiastic when they’re out of the house, we highly recommend accident coverage from your pet insurance. However, most insurance providers do not cover the costs of regular wellness visits to the vet. In a perfect world, we would all have a Pokémon Centre with kind Nurse Joy to do free regular checks on our pets. Unless you’re a gym master like Ash, you would need to pay more to add this type of coverage.

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I Want to Be the Very Best That No One Ever Was

With pets climbing up the hierarchical status in the family, we start to treat them more important than ourselves. We fuss over their food. We dress them up in adorable tiny Halloween outfits. We buy multiple versions of their favourite toys. It only makes sense to provide the best for them. Pet insurance provides your beloved little ones with the best care possible.

With Liberty PetCare by PolicyPal providing pet health insurance, we can now better safeguard our furry friends and get 5% cashback to spend on their favourite food. Liberty PetCare’s distinction from the rest is its coverage of non-surgical vet fees that other policies lack.

Our four-legged friends can’t simply hop onto our shoulders and sing along to the theme song of ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’. Despite that, we understand how therapeutic it is to be greeted by them at the door after a hard day’s work. Other than focusing 100% on their cuteness, pawrents like us need to stay committed to providing for them. 

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