First In Singapore: A Digital Platform for Employee Benefits

| 20 Mar 2019

PolicyPal joins forces with Liberty Insurance to develop EZCare PAL: An epic technological breakthrough in insurance – adding a touch of zest, convenience and protection to the everyday man on the payroll.

If you are reading this, you belong to either one of these two groups – and here’s our best attempt to profile you and identify what you want best in the workplace.


The First Group: The Exemplary Employees

You take pride in your work and your stellar performance is consistently recognised by your company. You enjoy working in a dynamic team. When looking for a company, you not only consider the remuneration but also the employee benefits (think: medical benefits and perks like free lunches as seen in organisations such as Facebook and Google).


The Second Group: The Key Decision Makers

Being the natural leader you are, you have big ideas and you know that timing is everything. Without a doubt, you enjoy building professional relationships that will eventually culminate into a hardworking team to work towards the same goals as you. Above all, you prioritise sourcing for tools that will save time and costs.

All in all, we want to maximise employee welfare and benefits through time-saving and cost-saving methods.


Introducing EZCare PAL


So, what are the perks?

HR and business owners can utilise the 100% online platform to streamline the Employee Benefits purchase process in three straight-through steps: selecting a base plan, selecting add-ons, and proceeding to purchase. Upon payment verification, employees will receive immediate provisional coverage after checkout.

How easy is it? Try it out for yourself at!


Access your employee benefits anywhere, anytime


Back-to-back client meetings, product training, leadership workshops — you name it, we feel it.

That’s why Employee Benefits for your business is also accessible on our PolicyPal app for the ever-busy you. Sync your company email with our app to access the details of your benefits in a single overview.

1st Step: Download the PolicyPal app, sign up and go to “Manage”

2nd Step: Swipe to the “Corporate” page and enter your company email address

3rd Step: Enter the four-digit verification code sent to your inbox (be sure to check the spam and junk boxes too!)


And you’re all set. Now you can view all your Employee Benefits in one place!

Walk through with us under 2 minutes

Download PolicyPal on Google Play and App Store.


[Updated on 10 April 2019]

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