Singaporean Drivers No Longer Need Physical Driving Licence

Traffic Police plans to stop issuing a physical driving licence as a result of the new Road Traffic Act

Nothing is harder than finding the perfect alignment when you parallel park on a busy street. You tend to overestimate yourself, or even fluster with backing up. But the sense of achievement when you’ve attained perfection in your parallel parking skill? NICE! For some of us, maximum satisfaction comes in the form of getting handed that teal blue card at the end of our learning driving journey. However, unless you request for a physical driving licence, the Traffic Police plans to stop issuing them.

Here are 3 ways you can benefit from the proposed updated Road Traffic Act:

1. You No Longer Need To Present A Physical Driving Licence

In its push towards digitalisation, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Sun Xueling said that the Road Traffic Act will be amended so that motorists need not surrender their physical licences if they do not have one. Initially, the Traffic Police have to double-check on a motorist’ physical driver licence. However, long gone are the days when policemen wore shorts. Now, you simply need to show your NRIC, and the Traffic Police will access the driving qualifications backend.

2. You Will Drive Alongside with Safe Drivers

There have been cases where irresponsible drivers delay the suspension or revocation of their licences by abusing the appeals mechanism. With the intent to drag out the process and continue to drive in the interim, these errant motorists file multiple unmerited appeals at different points in time through various channels. In response, it was made clear in the law that a motorist’s licence will be suspended or revoked four weeks from the date of the notice, even if the appeal is still being processed. This change will stop putting other safe drivers like you and me at risk.

3. You Will Witness Less Impulsive Driving

The Bill also proposes that the licence suspension period be lengthened to up to five years from the current three-year period. The reason behind so is to allow the Traffic Police to suspend serial offenders for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the Traffic Police will be able to adjust the length of the suspension period depending on the individual’s previous suspensions. The Traffic Police will also consider past compounded road traffic offences as an aggravating factor. This will deter irresponsible driving and clamp down on reckless drivers.

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