Babymoon: Does My Travel Insurance Cover My Pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers travelling is a common sight, which begs the question; “Does travel insurance cover my pregnancy?”

The Ministry of Health states that as long as you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, you are fine to travel. Generally, it is safer to travel during the second trimester, about 12 to 24 weeks (or 3 to 6 months) into pregnancy. Nonetheless, before you rush off to book your flight tickets and accommodations, consult your doctor to get the “OK”.

 Though it is unadvised to travel during the third trimester, get a medical certificate from your gynaecologist if you absolutely need to travel. The certificate should state your fitness for travel, the number of weeks of your pregnancy and your expected delivery date. Bear in mind that some airlines will refuse travel if you’re too late into pregnancy (about 32 to 36 weeks) regardless if you have a medical certificate or not.

Be careful when choosing a travel insurance plan. Most plans exclude pregnancy along with any pre-existing medical conditions in their policy wording. Any claims that result from pregnancy-related issues are likely to be denied. The silver lining is, there are some insurers that cover expectant mothers. 


1. AIG Travel Guard

AIG’s Travel Guard insurance covers miscarriage due to injury, not attributed to any natural causes or illness relating to pregnancy or childbirth. However, they are not liable for any expenses incurred during the first trimester (0-12 weeks) of the pregnancy amongst other things. You can read their full policy wording here.


2. FWD travel insurance

FWD’s travel insurance covers childbirth or complications in pregnancy if it endangers the mother’s or unborn child’s life. However, the pregnancy must be at 6 months or more and they are not legally responsible for claims that are directly or indirectly cause by pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortions or any complications arising from those conditions other than the previously stated reason. You can read their full policy wording here


3. DBS x Chubb TravellerShield

DBS has a travel insurance plan that covers miscarriage due to Accidental Injury which means if you are involved in an accident and you suffer a miscarriage, your claim won’t be denied. Otherwise, the plan doesn’t cover expenses directly or indirectly related to pregnancy or complications due to pregnancy. You can read more on their policy wording here.

All in all, travel insurance is tricky due to the multitudes of risks and possibilities that could occur. Which is why there are some high-risk countries such as Iraq, Iran or Syria that are on most insurer’s blacklist. You won’t be able to get insurance coverage in those countries even if you aren’t pregnant. 

Remember to read the policy wordings of each insurer and compare plans from multiple insurers. This is to make sure that you are adequately covered for your trip. You can use the PolicyPal app to make comparing travel insurance much easier! We compile plans from numerous insurers to give you the best deal. We’ve also included their full policy wordings in the app so you don’t have to trawl through the web to find them.


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