5 Must-Have Travel Apps You Need Now!

| 22 Nov 2019

5 game-changing mobile apps you need to install on your phone for stress-free travel. Look out for 2 special promo codes hidden in the article!


Woohoo! Travel season’s upon us! With the school holidays in full swing, parents are clearing their annual leave to bring their children overseas for a little bonding time. Even if you aren’t a kid (those who are kids at heart count), you’ll probably be planning a little getaway from the office yourself. Well, us here at PolicyPal have drawn up a list of apps that are sure to improve your travelling experience! 


(Tip- fail to plan, plan to fail. Unless you don’t mind living in the moment and buying whatever catches your eye, you’re gonna be spending a whole lot more and then regretting it massively when you can’t afford another Chanel bag or whatever.)

Introducing TripIt, a travel itinerary app that helps consolidate all your plans into one app so you’ll never need to have a million confirmation emails and browser tabs for all your information.  Keep your travel buddies informed by sending them a copy of your itinerary and make reminders on your calendar no matter where you are! 

Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store


(Tip – look for money changers in the CBD area, they usually give much better rates. Try not to change your money too early, lest the exchange rate shifts against your favour. Unless you like carrying huge stacks of cash around, then whatever rocks your boat.)

Buying something overseas is usually a good idea because if the exchange rate is weaker you can abuse it to your advantage. (People that go to Johor Bahru to buy cheap stuff I’m looking at you.)

But sometimes, buying something overseas just costs you much more than you initially planned for. This leaves you with a headache fussing over all those transaction and currency exchange fees. 

(credits: YouTrip)

Luckily there’s YouTrip! A multi-currency wallet that charges 0% transaction fees. The app even allows you to convert from 10 of the most widely-used currencies to top up your wallet or simply spend and let it use its SmartExchange technology to convert your money at the prevailing rates.

YouTrip even has a Debit card tied with Mastercard that lets you withdraw cash at all Mastercard, Maestro or Cirrus ATMs so you’ll always have a memento.

Here’s a little something just for new users! PolicyPal is giving new YouTrip users $7 just by using our promo code PolicyPal7.


Available on Google Play and App Store.


(Tip – read up on the culture of whichever country you’re visiting so you don’t make a fool out of yourself. Remember, it’s all about respect.)

One of the scarier parts of travelling is the complete alienation you’ll feel in a foreign land. This isn’t to say that the locals aren’t friendly or anything, but more of you not being able to understand anything.

Menus full of words with no pictures, street signs all look the same and you’re not sure if that sign says “Men’s room” or “Ladies room”. Bonus points if the menu has a translation but it just confused you more. 

(credits: Thomas Cheng)

Unless you or your travel buddy knows the local language, you’ll definitely need some help translating. Google’s own Google Translate is amazing in both reliability and functionality. Not only can you input words in to translate them, simply taking a picture of the word can give you an accurate translation! There’s also a text-to-speech function so you’ll never butcher the pronunciations ever again! 

Available on Google Play and App Store.


(Tip – download maps of the area you’ll be visiting so you won’t get lost as much, also so you won’t worry about how you’re gonna have to cross a highway to get to your destination.) 

(credits: Dimitry O. Photo)

If you’re travelling overseas, you’ll definitely need a reliable way of finding directions to your destination and you’d probably be thinking “I have Google Maps, why would I need this”. Well, the answer is simple. Because this app is crowd-sourced, so it won’t be asking you to literally walk across a river to get to the other side.  

It’s not easy to follow road signs and the directions of the locals when you’re literally unable to understand them, which is why having a map app makes your trip so much more enjoyable. 

Explore the ins and outs of every street without the fear of thinking you’ve lost your way tugging at the back of your mind with the MAPS.ME app! It works great offline which is always handy when you just can’t seem to get an internet connection anywhere. 

Available on Google Play and App Store.


(Tip – hotels like to give discounts during off-peak hours/seasons so if you fancy yourself a mouse hunt, you’ll probably find a hotel at a cheaper rate than the base. Sunday is also the cheapest day to book a room.) 

(credits: HotelTonight)

For those #YOLO travellers out there… how do you live without stressing out over accommodation costs? 

Probably by using HotelTonight, an app that helps you find hotels or accommodations even at the last minute! Hotels generally have plenty of spare rooms (about 1 in 3 are gone to waste) which means that they’re always trying to find some weary traveller to fill their rooms with. 

With the HotelTonight app, hotels list available rooms at discounts of up to 50% to attract travellers who don’t have accommodation plans. For any backpacker, this app is a god-sent. Being able to find a place to stay while getting a discount is a dream come true. 

Even if you’re not a backpacker, this app is handy if you suddenly find yourself hotel-less (because they’re overbooked for the comic con convention or something) even after all your meticulous planning. 

Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.


(Tip – if you buy your travel policy after your flight has departed, your whole policy is void. Try to buy your policy right as you confirm your tickets and bookings so if you have to cancel at the last minute, you might be able to claim some money back.) 

We know there are some travellers out there who buy their travel insurance at the last minute. Generally, purchasing travel insurance right before you leave for the airport is a terrible idea but sometimes you just get caught up in all the planning that you forget.  

That’s why we here at PolicyPal came up with an app that lets you do exactly that! Better yet, our app lets you manage your purchased policy wherever you are so you don’t need to fret and rummage through your 999+ unread emails. 

Any policies that you’ve bought are automatically uploaded onto our app which makes it so much easier to check the details or to file claims in the event that your flight gets cancelled or you encounter any hiccups during your trip.

Here’s a special treat on us! Use the promo code VACAY2019 for 8% off your travel insurance purchase, from 22 November 2019 to 24 November 2019 11.59 pm. What’s more, you even get 5% cashback from us whenever you buy a travel policy with us!

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can be street smart too. We hope that you enjoy your trip! However, if anything goes wrong, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

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