Auspicious Li Chun Deposit Timings According to your Zodiac

Li Chun is a tradition dating back centuries, where farmers celebrated the beginning of spring.

The farmers held special ceremonies where they made offerings to the gods during the Lunar New Year. These offerings thanked the gods for a year of bountiful harvests.

Over the years, this tradition has evolved to depositing money into one’s bank account. Therefore during Li Chun, you can observe people queueing up for hours just to deposit their money in their bank account at a specific time. People believe that this long standing tradition will bring about stability in their income for the rest of the year.

Li Chun this year starts on the 4 February 2020 from 5pm onwards and lasts until 5 February 2020 at 3pm. 

Why are certain two-hour periods auspicious?

If you’re wondering why the timings are so exact, because in the Feng Shui belief, the hourly calendar is essential and informative when analysing your personality and destiny. 

The Chinese clock is divided into 12 two-hour periods, and every time period is represented by a Chinese zodiac. For every 2-hour time period, a zodiac will have more luck than usual during Li Chun. Hence, to increase chances of wealth, people that believe in  this practice will ideally find their lucky 2-hour time period to deposit all their hard earned money into their savings account. 

This action of depositing money is a way of signalling to the universe that wealth will continue to flow into their account throughout the year. 

Auspicious Deposit Timings by Zodiac

Below is a table which lists all the good times to deposit your money, and of course it’s categorised in zodiac signs as well. 

Information Source: WayFengShui

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