Don’t Ban PMDs, Promote Personal Safety Instead.

| 30 Sep 2019

A commentary on anti-PMD petitions and PMD-bans.

More accidents are making headlines. These road hazards caused by none other than personal mobility devices – aka PMDs – have become a national controversy. More recently, Singapore mourned the unfortunate loss of a 65-year-old lady due to a PMD-related accident. Within the same week, another death made headlines due to an e-scooter that lost control.

A review of PMD reported cases


Since then, many PMD-related discussions crawled the internet. Online users were active to share their two cents on the topic so much that a petition garnered over 64,000 signatures in less than a week. Altogether, Mr Zachary Tan who initiated the petition also reached out to PM Lee Hsien Loong, Mr K Shanmugam and MP Dr Lam Pin Min to shed light on the matter.

Accidents contributed to 48% of unnatural deaths in 2018

An alarming figure based on the Singapore government’s Registration of Birth and Deaths Report. One can only imagine how much more PMD-instigated accidents will contribute to that statistic. More surprisingly, fire incidents become prevalent for PMDs not meeting UL2272 standards.


Source: Singapore Legal Advice


Are you aware of these PMD legislations?

Already have a PMD, or are considering to get one? The following pointers will help you.

Register your e-scooter before you ride.

Only e-scooters with an electric motor or/and a handlebar are required for registration. Log in via Singpass at for $20. Once registered, you will receive your registration number.

Produce your Identification Mark.

Display your PMD’s registration number wherever you go. Your Identification Mark can be easily obtained over any sign craft shops.

Receive your Registration Mark.

Courtesy of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), your Registration mark will be mailed to you.

Declare your PMD meets UL2272 standard.

Non-UL2272 PMDs must be disposed of. Read more here.

Get protected with personal accident insurance.

Always, always get covered with personal accident insurance. This is important both for both PMD riders and pedestrians too.


Don’t ban PMDs, promote personal safety instead. As big advocates in the face of the PMD controversy, we are giving out $50,000 personal accident coverage for free. Protection is as easy as it gets. With just one swipe, get 24-hour protection anytime and anywhere you want it.

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