10 Best Low Budget IKEA Items Under $100 For Your Dream BTO Home

We all love a day well-spent at IKEA walking through our make-believe rooms with a 50-cent soy ice-cream in one hand. Good job, IKEA. 

IKEA is a brand that transcends generations. Like Decathalon for home décor and furniture, IKEA products are classic, sturdy and most importantly affordable for the everyday Singaporean. Especially if you like to to get hands-on and assemble your own furniture, IKEA is your go-to.

Kudos to their marketing too. Besides recreating sets of popularised TV series like Stranger Things and Friends, IKEA Singapore collaborated with the National Environment Agency (NEA) to benefit 18,000 BTO households with a free IKEA recycling bin

Before we explore 10 best low budget IKEA items under $100 for your dream BTO home, IKEA Singapore offers a special package to design and renovate HDB BTO flats. The packages extend to HDB and resale flats as well. Scandinavian living is possible even in the summer heat of Singapore! Now let’s reveal our top 10 picks under $100:

1. SNIGLAR Cot, S$89

Build your nursery starting from where your baby sleeps! The cot base can be placed at two different heights, perfect for longer usage. Even as your child grows taller, re-adjust the height to accommodate a taller baby. The SNIGLAR is well-ventilated to give your child a pleasant sleeping climate.

2. ENEBY, S$79

Set the mood within the confines of your home and bring your music anywhere – be it to your home office, kitchen or bedroom. ENEBY is a discrete and portable speaker built with a clear, powerful sound. This minimalistic device also has an auto-off function to save energy when the speaker is not in use.


3. IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel Armchair, S$89

Your child needs some uninterrupted time too! This spinning armchair is a heaven for children to build their imagination with the hood pulled down. Like a magnet to kids, this spinning armchair creates the perfect pretend world for your child to foster positive thoughts and big dreams. 


4. MICKE Desk, S$89

Turn one of your spare rooms into a home office. You can combine the MICKE desk with other drawer units to extend your workspace. Goodbye, messy cables! Keep sockets out of sight with the cable outlet placed at the back. If you are afraid of staining your white desk, black colour is available too.


5. SANDARED Pouffe, S$69

The SANDARED pouffe has a soft, knitted cover that comes in unique colours, patterns and sizes. Use it as a footstool or a low-seat chair interchangeably. Some may even consider using it as a side table! Just know that you can do so much with the versatility the pouffe can offer.


6. NYFORS Floor Lamp, S$99

Create a soft, cosy and warm ambience in your home with a textile shade that spreads a diffused and decorative light. The heigh is adjustable to cater to your lighting needs for the perfect atmosphere. We recommend soft/warm white light bulbs for orange hues ideal to unwind and relax to.


7. KVISTBRO Storage Table, S$59

Not only stylish, but the KVISTBRO Storage Table also brings high utility. Store everything from throws and pillows to newspapers and children’s toys in the basket. Have easy access to your storage items, so you no longer have to wonder where all your missing home items went.


8. TARNO Outdoor Table + 2 Chairs, S$83.80

The TARNO table and chair set is everything about the chill life! It’s the perfect addition to your wind-down sessions spent on your balcony on weekday nights. Make full use of your outdoor space and fold the table and chairs flat when they are not in use.


9. FLEMMA Guest Bed, S$79

If you love to play the host and have family and friends over every other weekend, the FLEMMA Guest Bed is a must-have. Fold and store away easily when not in use. For occasional use only, so remember not to let your guests overstay their stay!


10. JONAXEL Textile Baskets, S$60

Put your closet monster on a diet! We know how tough it is to keep things neat and organised. JONAXEL storage system lets you utilise your spaces in smarter ways. Build a combination that fits exactly your needs, even in humid bathrooms and laundry rooms.


Manage your finances for your dream BTO home

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