Get a Kick from the Bottle Cap Challenge with Conor McGregor

| 03 Jul 2019

Meet The Latest Online Viral Challenge

You’ve heard of the charitable ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You have probably heard of the Bottle Flipping Challenge. But have you heard of the new Bottle Cap Challenge that is questionably spinning its way to viral fame? The goal is to do a single rotating kick to untwist the cap off without knocking the bottle down. In order to intensify the movement, most videos were shot in slow-motion. UFC fighter Max Holloway literally kicked off the Bottle Cap challenge, which led to a chain of celebrities taking part too. Here are 9 celebrities you might be familiar with:

Max Holloway

Conor McGregor

Jason Statham

Donnie Yen

Ellie Goulding

John Mayer

Guy Ritchie


Ryan Reynolds

Invite Your Friends!

Chances are, you’ll probably give the challenge a go at it. You’ll launch into a twirl and mimic the precise balanced reverse roundhouse spin kick. The sole of your shoe will gently roll the cap off such that it skyrockets into the air. Smooth execution? Check. Slow-motion? Double-check. Kicking the bottle into oblivion? Check and mate. However, ensure that you’re protected while you attempt the Bottle Cap Challenge.

It is a good idea to use a plastic bottle and loosen the lid. This way, you won’t have to deal with smashed glass if you mistime your kick. Get your friends to join you for more impressive (or hilarious) entries. While you’re at it, you may also be keen to invite them for our ‘Give 5, Get 5′ referral programme. Simply share your unique referral code with them. When your friend signs up and purchases through PolicyPal with your unique referral code, you get $5 and they will get $5 off their purchases too!

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