Last Minute Gift Ideas!

| 13 Dec 2019

(Photo credits: CNA Lifestyle and TheSmartLocal)

Beware people! Christmas is coming… If you haven’t gotten your presents ready, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of awesome recommendations just for you! Your partner, friends or family members will definitely appreciate the uniqueness of it!

Hand-crafting leather workshops


Receiving a handmade gift from anyone would make you feel special. The thought of them putting hours into making a trinket just for you would warm your heart till January. Of course, when it’s a last minute gift you won’t have the luxury of time to make one, which is why you can surprise them with the next best thing.

Leather crafting is a great bonding activity. Taking just 2-3 hours to learn a new skill will surely be a valuable use of your time! There are a number of leather working course available in Singapore such as Stone For Gold, J-Artisans and Crafune just to name a few. 

These leather workshops let you create a variety of things from keychains to bags that you can customize yourself. Who knows, if you find out you’re talented in making leather products you could start a business on your own! 


Axe Throwing 

(credits: Axe Factor)

Being too stressed is terrible for your body but what else can you do about your supervisor or boss. To relieve stress, most turn to recreational activities like going to the gym, painting or playing video games. However, for some, these “menial” activities don’t cut it (haha see what we did there) so they turn to other …unconventional… methods. Axe throwing is what some consider to be the form of stress-relieving that really takes the edge off (haha last one we promise) for them. 

Ever since Singapore opened it’s first “The Fragment Room“, which received quite a lot of attention, there have been other companies popping up and trying to capitalise on the angry office workers such as Axe Factor, a place where you can hurl axes at wooden target boards for $30 an hour. Situated at The Grandstand, “Axe Factor” was the brainchild of Samuel Tey and was conceived after he saw a video of famed actor Jason Momoa on an instagram video drinking a beer and hurling an axe at a target




There is something so comforting about starting your day with a hot cup of tea or coffee. If you know your recipient well, observe what they usually drink and try to get something that is similar yet perhaps just a little different to keep it exciting!

T2 is a brand most recognizable by it’s unique little cube shaped boxes and the fact that they sell whole tea leaves. The Australia based company is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, all while producing tea leaves of the highest quality. 

If tea’s not their style, Whittard has amazing coffee blends sourced from many exotic locales. The even have whole sets dedicated to trying out different coffees from a multitude of regions. The British based company stays true to its heritage.  The company is not limited in it’s innovation as they have a huge variety of blends ranging from coffee to tea and even hot chocolate! Furthermore, Whittard’s packaging are just adorable yet classy which is sure to make an impression on your recipient. 

Extreme Elements for the Adventurous

(credits: TheSmartLocal)

If you’re feeling ballsy and aren’t afraid of heights, AJ Hackett has an attraction in Sentosa that’s sure to be jaw dropping (literally!). Siloso beach is home to Singapore’s one and only Bungy Tower! The attractions at AJ Hackett also include a giant swing and a sky bridge. If your partner says he/she drives you over the edge, you could literally show them what that’s like! There’s also The Sunset Deck which offers an unobstructed view of the whole beach if you would like a more romantic experience.

Christmas Wonderland

(credits: CNA Lifestyle)

As they say, the best thing to give is an unforgettable experience. Christmas Wonderland is an annual event hosted at the Gardens by the Bay where the magical season of winter is put on display. There’s even an area where it’s freezing cold and has artificial snow! 

Take some insta-worthy shots with your partner, friends or even family. This event is fun for all. Enjoy the sites and sounds, play carnival games and check out the artisanal shops by the Super Tree Groove. It will feel like a trip to Europe without even boarding a plane. 

If you have not bought tickets yet, we’ll let you in on a little secret. We’re giving away 4 tickets to Christmas Wonderland! Stay tuned for our Facebook post regarding the entry requirements!



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