5 Places to Bring Your Family This September School Holidays

| 05 Sep 2019

Hello again, September school holidays! We’ve rounded up a list of family-friendly activities you can bring your children to this upcoming week-long school holiday.

Singapore Science Festival

Ahead of the upcoming September school holidays, Science Centre Singapore presents a host of fun-filled activities that will appeal to both the young and the young at heart. The events range from a new exhibition introducing visitors to the world of Quantum Technologies, to an interactive promenade theatre performance “Catalysts”, where kids can interact live with the performers. Lined up with more than 50 shows, exhibitions, workshops and activities, the Singapore Science Festival will set the bar for all young and aspiring to-be scientists.

“This is Science” aims to showcase the endless possibilities of science presented in our everyday lives. It is jointly organised by Science Centre Singapore and research institute A*STAR. 

When: 30 August to 14 September 2019

Where: Science Centre Singapore

Cost: Free 

Sentosa’s Sandsation

Join in the fun at the largest sand sculpture festival in Singapore at the Siloso Beach Sentosa! Learn the art of sculpting with sand, as sculptors work on their craft with little more than basic tools, sand, and their hands. What’s more, you get to bask in the sun and the sea breeze as you polish your artistic flair. 

Look forward to activities such as the Sentosa International Sand Sculpting Competition, surprise performances and free movie screenings. 

When: 31 August to 15 September 2019

Where: Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Cost: Free

Symphony buds by buds by Shangri La

Shangri-La Hotel continues to expand its interactive children’s programmes by partnering with Steinway Gallery Singapore, purveyors of the world’s finest piano, and locally-owned Staccato! In line with its learn through play mantra, buds by Shangri-La will begin music appreciation classes under Symphony buds for children from one to six years old.

Two classes held by Symphony buds includes Beethoven Toddler programme (1 – 3 years old) and Chopin Preschooler (3 – 6 years old). Both classes will help children recognised basic rhythms, pulse, tempo pitch and instruments through the creative introduction to classical music, in turn enhancing their imagination and cognitive skills. 

When: 13 August 2019 onwards

Where: buds by Shangri-La

Cost: $50 for a 45-minute class and one-hour playtime

Nickelodeon’s SLIME Time

During this September school holidays, your family can have a slime-tastic time trying out the different slime-filled activities station. This event is suitable for children between 4 and 14 years old. Especially for parents who are happy to stay within an air-conditioned mall and shop while waiting for their children to finish up!

When: 6 September to 6 October 2019

Where: City Square Mall

Cost: Free

Mandiri Bintan Marathon

Arrange a short escapade to Bintan during the September school holidays with your family. Perfect for adventurous and sporty family members, the Mandiri Bintan Marathon comprises a family run, 10km run, half marathon and full marathon categories. Set at Lagoi Bay, Bintan, Mandiri Bintan Marathon is a full-fledged sporting and vacation destination.

Where: Lagoi Bay, Bintan

When: 7 to 8 September 2019

Cost: $58 for Family Run (1 Adult + 1 Child); excludes lodging and transport to Bintan

Travelling this September School Holidays?

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