How to Take Good Care of Your Dog on a Budget

| 15 May 2019

Take good care of your dog without having to spend an exorbitant sum.

A dog is referred to as man’s best friend. However, owning a dog might prove an expensive task. You have to spend on various things such as food, training, toys, and medical expenses. The expenses will ultimately skyrocket your monthly bills, and you might find yourself struggling financially. However, you don’t have to struggle because there are budget-friendly ways to take care of your dog. Here’s the PolicyPal guide:

Get your dog vaccinated

Ever heard of the common saying that prevention is better than cure? The same applies to your pet. You should ensure to get your dog vaccinated as recommended by the veterinarian. It is critical for you to ensure that your dog receives the required preventive medications so that it can be safe from harmful diseases.

Failure to have your dog vaccinated might lead it to get infected with a lethal disease, and that might result in expensive medical bills. Ensure to consult with the vet on the right medications for your dog.

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Be wise about food

While there are many pet food brands to choose from, be wary of the food content and ingredients used in each product. You should settle on high-quality foods as opposed to low-quality foods.

Do not get tempted to spend less on dog food, only to compromise on quality. The quality of the food your dog consumes determines its overall health. Low-quality food products may contain artificial ingredients, and they lack the necessary nutrients. Feeding your dog such may lead to it having severe health problems. There are many online guides you can read on. We particular like Best Raw Dog Food – Feeding Guide For Your Dog’s Health.

Spay and neuter your dog

If you don’t want to strain your budget taking care of pets, then you should consider spaying and neutering your dog. Why is this vital? Well, it is an effective means to control overpopulation within the local community. Neutering involves removing your dog’s reproductive organs so that it cannot create babies.

Spaying and neutering are also recommended to save you a significant amount of cash on reproductive health issues. Besides, it is claimed that this practice reduces the risk of your dog getting specific hormone-related diseases and cancers.

Groom the dog by yourself

Now and then, dogs need grooming services. Some of the common services include clipping the nails and trimming the fur, especially when it is shedding too much. You can find experts that offer grooming services, but you have to pay some good cash. Instead of looking for a pet grooming professional, why not train yourself on how to do it? It is not such a hard task with proper dog grooming kits, plus you can always consult with your veterinarian on how to safely groom your dog. Ensure to clean the dog’s ears, coat, and teeth to eradicate breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi.

If you need to learn more about dogs and their care, click to get more information.  

Get pet insurance for your dog

Getting your dog pet insurance might save you a significant amount of money. How? If your dog falls ill and you have to take a trip to the vet, the treatment is not free. If you have no pet insurance, you might end up paying hefty medical bills. However, with pet insurance, your dog will get treated, and you won’t spend a dime at the vet’s office. Before you proceed to get pet insurance for your dog, ensure to conduct adequate research so that you can settle with an insurance provider that has the best policy.

In Singapore right now, there are only about 3 insurers providing pet insurance, which we did a comparison chart to compare the pros and cons of each pet insurance provider.

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